Commercial Painting in Greensboro

Salgado Painting: The Commercial Painting Company With a Difference

When you seek out painting contractors to help give your Greensboro business a fresh new look and feel, it’s easy to feel dismissed by the major players in the industry. Most commercial painting contractors are large corporations with minimal concern for their clients’ well-being. But not Salgado Painting.

We started out as a small, family-run business primarily taking care of interior painting for homes. We’ve grown a little since then, but as we’ve expanded into the realm of commercial painting, we’ve never lost sight of our core values: good quality service with top-notch materials at competitive prices.

When you deal with Salgado Painting for your commercial painting needs, you’ll get the rapid turnaround and quality results the bigger firms offer without the crushing bills and impersonal service. From your initial consultation through every step of the design and execution, we make you feel like you’re a friend, not just another client. Need a little something extra to bring your vision to life? We throw in discounted additional services to help you get the look you want for your Greensboro property.

The Best Commercial Painting Designs Start With the Best Materials

Whether you need interior or exterior painting for your commercial property, we have a wide variety of paint materials from the world’s most advanced paint developers for you to choose from. We don’t skimp out on cheap paint to save on costs but select companies that provide quality colors and luxurious finishes for our clients.

We’ve got longstanding partnerships with Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG. Found a paint from another company that makes you lose your mind? Sure, no problem! We’re happy to work with any materials you request. After all, it’s your business: you’ll be the one looking at the wall painting every day, so it’s crucial to us that everything is perfect for you.

Going Above and Beyond

We don’t strive to meet your expectations but exceed them. Our hiring process includes a rigorous screening process to ensure every single one of our employees understands Salgado Painting’s mission: providing the absolute best customer experience in the entire Greensboro area. Among professional painters, that sets us apart—and we’ve got the vast client base to prove it!

Commercial Painting Design That’s Right for Your Business

Did you know that the color blue inspires calm but also reduces appetite while red stimulates hunger but also can cause impatience and indecision? When it comes to design, the right colors aren’t just a matter of looks—they can make a significant impact on your bottom line. We work with our clients to produce beautiful and tasteful commercial paint designs that achieve your goals as a business. From industrial paint that’s safe for your production facilities to stimulating office painting designs, we do it all.

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Tired of looking for professional interior painters near you that don’t show up on time or treat you like a cash cow? Give us a call for a free estimate—we can’t wait to get started with you!