If you're looking for a reliable, professional, and detail-oriented painting contractor in Greensboro, you're in the right place. Salgado Painting offers top-tier painting services that won't break the bank. Our painters have years of experience and a drive to ensure that every job is completed on time and on budget.

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Greensboro's Reputable Painters

Since 2005, the name Salgado Painting has been synonymous with precision and excellence. We're a full-service, accredited local company that partners with both commercial and residential property owners to deliver high-caliber painting at bottom-line costs. Our talented, friendly painting crew boasts 20 years of combined experience. We leverage every ounce of our far-reaching industry background to paint you a blemish-free, long-lasting, colorful surface.


As a full-service painting company committed to customer satisfaction, we want all our clients to know they're getting their money's worth. That's why we offer no-obligation quotes complete with full cost-breakdowns. We take into account a wide range of factors, including:

  • Size of surface
  • Type of surface
  • Interior or exterior
  • Timeline
  • Color and brand of paint

With this information, we will work with you to find the painting solution that will suit your needs and fit your budget. We know you'll be satisfied with our work. But we also want you to be satisfied with the process from beginning to end.

High-Quality Paint Products

We line our shelves with high-quality painting products from well-known and trusted brands, such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, and PPG. We've aligned ourselves with top-notch suppliers to source these premium paints at exclusive price points. Then, we pass on those cost savings to you with accessible, competitive deals.

We carry an impressive selection of paints suitable for a wide range of applications. For outdoor projects, we use weather-resistant paints proven to withstand harsh temperatures and provide fade-resistant color. Indoors, we utilize paints specially formulated with low VOCs to better protect your air quality and the environment. There's no surface we can't professionally cover, be it wood, brick, concrete, or vinyl. The bottom line is: we have paint for every project.

Matte. High gloss. Every shade of red under the sun. Find the perfect hue—give us a call to get started.

Flawless Painting Services

Our number one priority on every job we take on is to provide work that we can stand behind. Almost anyone can paint their walls, but only professional painters can ensure perfect results each and every time. When you hire us to service your property, you can be certain that we will arrive with everything we need to give your home or office a beautiful fresh coat of paint.

We work attentively and without taking any shortcuts to ensure solid and uniform coverage throughout your building. Our consistent work and commitment to excellence have helped us distinguish ourselves as one of the best painters in Greensboro.

What goes into a flawless painting service, you ask? A tried and true labor strategy for starters. Our painting process is a carefully designed and professionally executed sequence of events. Our painting crew employs our in-house strategy to a tee. Your painting service will involve:

  • Thoroughly washing all surfaces.
  • Repairing all surface imperfections.
  • Applying premium painters' tape.
  • Fully priming surfaces.
  • Strategically applying paint.

We don't just paint. We prep, prime, and paint for a wholly satisfactory finish, every time.

Hire an Experienced Painting Company

When you want to make sure you get the professional painting you are looking for, it helps to work with a company that you know can do great work. Rather than going with an unproven painting service, why not give yourself the security of working with a well-established team of local painters.

When we are on the job, you never have to worry about missed spots or substandard work, because we have demonstrated our abilities time and time again. At this point, nothing will catch us off guard during a painting job, so you can rely on us to tackle your work with the utmost efficiency and attention to detail.

Professional Exterior Painting

In addition to our fantastic indoor painting for your home or office, we are also your number one destination for certified exterior painting. We will use high-quality, weather-resistant paints to give the outside of your building a stunning new coat of paint. We make sure that we take the unique properties of your building into account so that we give you the appropriate paint service for your needs. When it comes to exterior painting, you can never go wrong with the long-lasting and professional work from Salgado Painting.

Check Out Our Completed Painting Projects

We know it isn't always easy to get a feel for the quality of a company's work just through testimonials alone. For this reason, we have taken the time to compile a gallery with some photos of our work. This will hopefully give you an idea of what we are capable of and let you know what you can expect when you schedule our services. If you have any questions about the work you see, we invite you to reach out to us today for attentive service.

Efficient Painters At Your Service

Trying to tackle your painting job on your own can often become overwhelming. For inexperienced painters, it can be easy to overlook the time required and work that goes into a successful paint application. Save yourself time and effort by contacting our qualified team of painters. You will never find us slacking on the job or cutting corners with our work because it simply doesn't happen. With countless successful jobs under our belts, we have become a well-oiled machine that will complete your painting with unprecedented quickness.

How do we do it? We manage every minute of your appointment to maximize our output. We staff large painting crews for faster coverage. We invest in high-end equipment for extra efficiency. No detail goes overlooked in our mission to get you back inside your freshly painted property as soon as possible.

Our turnaround times vary based on the scope of the job at hand. We can churn out small projects in a single day, whereas larger projects may take a week to complete. Whatever the task in front of us, you can expect reliable communication from our crew. We'll always inform you of our anticipated completion times and progress as we go.

Residential Painting Contractor

If you are a homeowner in need of interior or exterior painting services, consider us your number one choice. Nothing compares to a professional paint job. The precision of our lines and edges is unmatched. The efficiency with which we work is exceptional. The quality of our finished products is enviable.

Do you have a color in mind? Because we mix our own colors, you get access to the full spectrum of paint colors. Not sure what color will work with your interior design? We're happy to offer advice that will suit your home's personality.

For a finish that looks great and lasts for a long time, hire the professionals at Salgado Painting to do the job right.

Commercial Painting Company

Join hundreds of other Greenboro businesses, organizations, and schools that have chosen us as their preferred commercial painter. Why are we the top choice for painters in the region?

We are reliable. We finish our commercial jobs on time and on budget. Nothing is left up to chance. And the work speaks for itself.

We are flexible. We will work with you to establish a timeline that suits your business. We will work around your schedule so that your operating hours are affected as little as possible.

We are affordable. Businesses and educational institutions love the fact that we keep our prices low. Our low prices and transparent quotes have helped to establish long-term business relations and repeat clients.

We have high standards. Our finished products are exceptional. Rich colors. Precise work. Friendly painters. It's no wonder we have frequently been called the best painting company around.

If those reasons aren't enough, why not check out our reviews. Better yet, give us a call to experience our award-winning customer service first-hand!

Our Painters' Promise

At our company, client satisfaction means everything to us. We promise to do everything we can to earn yours with a friendly, honest, and convenient service. In our minds, the extra mile is just the beginning. When you choose us as your local painters, we pledge to provide:

  • Prompt inquiry responses
  • No-obligation consultations
  • Upfront project estimates
  • Selection of premium paints
  • Fast turnaround times
  • Licensed, insured painters

To us, every surface is a success story waiting to happen.

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